Q: I am thinking about applying. How does an ideal candidate look like?

A: ALYAS is open for highly-motivated university students and young professionals interested in contemporary Asia affairs. They are expected to prepare for lectures by reading assigned material, participate in discussions and write a final paper. Prior background in Asia studies is not required but keen interest and basic knowledge is a must. Since the working language of ALYAS is English, all applicants should have a strong command of the language.

Q: What should I include in my application?

A: Application consists of CV and motivation letter (max. 300 words). Candidates are encouraged to mention all Asia-related activities, including their university courses and extra-curricular activities, and explain why ALYAS is a good fit.

Q: I am a bachelor student. Can I attend ALYAS?

A: ALYAS is open to Bachelor students as well. However, they should pay extra effort to demonstrate their interest and Asia-related experience in the motivation letters.

Q: I am a foreigner studying/working/living in the Czech Republic and interested in applying to your program. Is the course open only to Czech nationals?

A: The course is open to students and professionals residing (for the duration of the course) in the Czech Republic. The Czech citizenship is not required and other nationals are encouraged to apply. 

Q: How do you evaluate participants? What do I have to do to pass the course?

A: The evaluation is based upon student´s attendance, her or his participation during discussions (style of asking questions, reasoning, number of questions, etc.) and the quality of his or her final paper.

Q: What is the ratio between students who were accepted and those who graduated from the course?

A: ALYAS is a demanding course and participants should be aware of this before they apply. Not only should they attend lectures after school or work, but they should be prepared for discussions and utilize the knowledge gained during the course in their final papers. Generally, every second student manages to finish the course. 

Q: One of the aims of ALYAS is to create a network of young professionals on Asia. Who are your alumni? Does AMO provide some benefits for alumni?

A: Our alumni include people working for international companies, Czech ministries, foreign embassies and lobbying groups, as well as translators and university students who are about to finish their studies. We invite our alumni to the annual final event of ALYAS to give them a chance to mingle with new ALYAS graduates and network with the final speaker and invited practitioners and experts.


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