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Founded in October 2003, the AMO Research Center has been dedicated to carrying our research into and raising public awareness of international affairs, security, and foreign policy. The Research Center strives to identify and analyze issues important to Czech foreign policy and the country‘s position in the world. To this end, the Research Center produces independent analyses; encourages expert and public debate on international affairs; and suggests solutions to tackle problems in today‘s world.

The Center‘s activities can be divided into main areas: First, the Center undertakes research and analysis of foreign policy issues. Second, the Center fosters dialogue with the policy-makers, expert community and broad public. Its activity is focused particularly on the Czech foreign policy, the EU, the Euro-Atlantic area, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East.

The Association has published more than 400 expert studies, policy recommendations and books. The quality of these publications is guaranteed by a team of research fellows and experts on specifi c regions and topics who have graduated from prestigious study programmes in the Czech Republic and abroad. These analysts design scholarly projects, write studies, comment on international affairs for the media, provide expert advice, and cooperate with junior analysts.


Vít Dostál »
Director of the Research Center

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